Adrian Finighan

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News Anchor
Conference Facilitator & Chair
Adrian  is a Senior News Anchor for Al Jazeera and, before this, was an international anchor and correspondent of over 20 years experience with CNN and BBC – and an interviewer of countless leaders, politicians and newsmakers.
Adrian joined CNN at the start of 2006, a year which saw him anchoring on numerous major news stories, including the summer’s Israel-Hezbollah conflict, the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the 'foiled terror plot' to detonate bombs onboard planes across the Atlantic.
In addition to news anchoring, Adrian also works as a correspondent for CNN fronting on location coverage of major events such as the Madrid train bombers trial, the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the 2008 Financial Crisis.
Adrian has been attached to CNN’s flagship European prime-time business show ‘Quest Means Business’ and reported for the monthly ‘Business Traveller’ programme, for which he has also anchored special editions on ‘Budget Travel’ and ‘Carbon Offsetting’ in Norway and the Netherlands
A regular contributor to and CNN Traveller Magazine writing about business, travel and technology, Adrian has also represented the company as a speaker and moderator at high profile events such as the ‘Aviation and Environment Summit’ in Geneva, ‘ITB’ in Berlin, the ‘European Business Forum’ in Brussels and the ‘Eurasian Media Forum’ in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

At the BBC, he was an international news anchor covering such events as the Asian tsunami at the end of 2004: presenting live as the news broke, and proceeding to stay on air, constantly, for the following six hours watching the developing events in South East Asia.

Adrian joined the BBC in 1988 as a radio producer and presenter - working as a news reader for BBC Radio 1 and 2 and then onto television, and the BBC’s business unit – and eventually as a  regular anchor on BBC World News.
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