Michael Goldfarb

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International Journalist
Arts Presenter
As a hugely repected broadcast journalist, Michael has covered conflict and conflict resolution from Northern Ireland to the Balkans to Iraq. He has won the highest honours in Britain and America including the Sony Gold Award for his series Homeward Bound and the DuPont-Columbia Award for his documentary Surviving Torture:Inside Out <http://www.insideout.org/documentaries/torture/ > .
Review 2009  BBC Radio 3
"Every night this week, The Essay is given over to ghost stories....... It's also a personal journey for writer Michael Goldfarb, who layers his historical research with descriptions of how his findings affect him, an intimate style that works beautifully in this late-night slot
As an author Michael has delved into the deepest areas for  his writings on mondern conflicts - witness Ahmad's War, Ahmad's Peace: Surviving Under Saddam, Dying in the New Iraq  - named as "Notable Book of 2005" by The New York Times and  described as "the most stirring narrative to emerge from the Second Gulf War, one that travels to the frontlines of battle, into the home of an Iraqi Kurdish family, and into the hearts of two men from different cultures whose intimate friendship and mutual passion for authentic freedom can inspire us all. ..."
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